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Need-to-Know Tips on How to Create an Interactive Campus Map

The best way to get the attention of prospective students to consider you as their option, you should use an interactive virtual campus tour. However, to create an interactive campus map, you must strategize. For you to improve your student recruitment strategy and ensure that you design a map that will market your institution to prospective students, below are a few things that you ought to consider when planning an interactive campus map.

Without a doubt, your interactive virtual campus map should enlighten prospective students about your school. As such, you need to outline the best features of your school – the programs, locations, activities, surroundings, and history that will make prospective students consider you as an option. For example, if your campus has a game day promotion or state-of-the-art facilities, you should include them on your interactive virtual campus map or the video viewbook. How about specific services and facilities that prove your school recognizes and cares about the needs of its students, such as having school worship rooms, lactation areas for new moms and accessible paths for the disabled students? Having the best interest of all students and highlighting all the features that make your campus stand out will come a long way in ensuring that you create an excellent interactive campus map.

Secondly, you need to come up with a realistic campus map development timeline. Chances are that you do not want the next enrollment cycle to find you without the campus map being on your school’s website. Coming up with a realistic campus map development schedule determines how much you want to add to your virtual campus tour. A simple overlay of the campus map would take a couple of days but for the all-inclusive campus map, you would have to wait a couple of weeks. In this regard, make sure you reach out to your campus map developer and come to an agreement on a timeline that will work best for both of you.

Since the primary reason for using the interactive campus map is to improve your student recruitment strategy, you can get all departments in your school to participate. For instance, the alumni office can select the right alumni to be brand ambassadors of your school. The beauty of using alumni as brand ambassadors is because they understand and have an in-depth knowledge about your institution. For this reason alone, they can actively participate in spreading the word about your school as they are enthusiastic supporters of your school. In the same way, the game office can showcase its facilities for enrollment and concessions along with their game day promotions when creating an interactive campus map.

If you do not have a rough idea on how to create an interactive virtual campus tour, you can always consult a college recruitment agency as they can assist you in not only designing a video viewbook on your school’s website but they can also design a 3D virtual campus tour.

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